Google Ads Management

Do you expect more from your Google Ads spend?

Get More Customers and Scale Your Business with JetStream Google Ads Management

Get more buyers with Google Ads management to drive sales growth

  • Harness Google’s AI to go after more qualified users who exhibit buyer signals. Waste less budget and cut your cost-per-lead.
  • Optimised Ad delivery – our exploitation of machine learning determines optimal days, times, locations, and devices to serve your ads for more sales.
  • Scale faster – By spending more budget on better quality leads, you make more sales from the same budget. This enables you to reinvest and outperform competitors.
  • Compound Growth Effects – The longer Jet Stream runs, the more data it collects on your ideal customers. This means it performs better the longer it runs.

How is JetStream Ads Management Different?

Accurate Targeting of People Who Want to Buy

Ads That Sell

ROI-Based Bidding

Optimise Your Landing Pages

Once a visitor clicks on your advert, it’s up to your landing page to do the heavy lifting and convert the visitor into a sale or a lead. But there are many things that can help this or prevent it.

The real-world impact of using JetStream Ads to improve the quality of leads…

Prior to JetStream optimisation, between 30-40% of leads for Surepass driving instructor training were poor quality, based on form submission data. A few months after Jet Stream was applied, over 90% of leads hit the highest quality.

Sales funnel delivers over 100 new enquiries every month from people wanting to become driving instructors

Helen Varey, the managing director of Surepass Driving School in Manchester, wanted more instructors to meet demand for driving lessons from their well-established national driving school. Their old website was not converting visitors into bookings for driving instructor training, so we built a new sales funnel for them.

The sales funnel starts with capturing leads and then goes onto calendar bookings, Thanks to the JetStream Ads approach, 30-40% of enquiries also book a slot in the diary for a chat about becoming an instructor. This is driving their business growth.

We built a campaign that produces over 100 enquiries per month from people wanting to become driving instructors.

How you can work with us…

We work best with ambitious business owners with Ads budgets of £1,000 and above per month.

Jet Stream Ads Management

Complete management of your Google Ads account. This covers…

  • Strategy and planning for the account’s campaigns
  • Optimisation of your account targeting, messaging and bidding
  • Running split-tests on high-spending ad groups to squeeze the highest performance from your budget.

Landing Page Design & Testing

Google Ads sends visitors to your site, but it’s the job of your landing pages to convert them into sales, We provide a landing page optimisation service on a per-page basis. We have more than doubled the conversion rates of clients’ pages with professional copywriting and redesigning their pages to persuade and sell.

Now Let’s Get More From Your Ads Budget…

Book into our online calendar here to start the conversation. We’ll show you during our call exactly how we can optimise your Ads account to drive faster growth.