About The Guarantee

The Marketing Agency Problem…

What you want to buy is quality leads for your business. Enough of them to create real growth, rather than being stuck in neutral.

But ask a marketing agency if they will guarantee results, and all you will hear is air being sucked through their teeth.

We believe in delivery above all else, so we have come up with a better way.

Guaranteed Leads For Your Business…

Give us 6 weeks and we’ll build a reliable, robust and scalable flow of high quality leads for your business, or refund our fees in total.

Let’s be clear. It will take longer to turn the taps wide open and grow the lead flow. But after 6 weeks, you’ll be getting leads and seeing results.

All we ask is that you cover the cost of the traffic from Google.

Skin In The Game…

We believe in shared risk and shared destiny.

People work their best when there’s an edge to what they do. So we share the same risk as you. We put huge effort – days and days – into making this work for you.

If we don’t get results, we don’t get paid. It’s very simple. If we fail, we go hungry.

Having the same goal unites our businesses in a common cause. We both need results in order to succeed. It becomes the basis for a long-term relationship based on results.

We are unique in the marketing world and we’re very choosy about who we will work with.

Your Business…

If you have a business that…

  • Is profitable and established
  • Has sales of at least £500k per annum
  • Is looking for a long-term marketing solution that delivers results

And if you are…

  • Ambitious and driven to grow sales
  • Prepared to invest in advanced strategies that increase sales
  • Somebody who likes to build long-term relationships with good people…

..then we can help you to build the sales pipeline you need for growth.

How many leads could I get?